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"Order Out Of Chaos"




We, the members of the Most Worshipful United Grand Lodge, Ancient and Accepted Freemasons, believe in the preservation of the Ancient Landmarks and Customs of Freemasonry. We believe in the existence of the "Grand Architect Of The Universe", and we know that He has blessed our undertaking. The Volume of Sacred Law is present on our Altar for All Meetings.

All candidates for membership must also profess a belief in Deity ( The God of his choice, referred to by His name) and, are obligated in the presence of the "Volume Of The Sacred Law". Without a religious context, or a true belief in Deity, a Masonic oath is nothing more than a hollow declaration or pledge.

We began our present journey in the winter months of 2007, out of  necessity and  a sincere  passion to be true to our obligations as Master Masons. After much research and many meetings, we decided to form this Most Worshipful Grand Lodge. In accordance with Ancient Customs and Regulations as defined in Andersonís Constitution, three legally constituted and warranted lodges  joined to form the Most Worshipful United Grand Lodge, Ancient and Accepted Freemasons, State of Illinois and its Jurisdiction. We consecrated this Sovereign Masonic Grand Body on January 19th, 2008 whereby new charters were issued to St. James Lodge #355, Yahkin Lodge #381 and Chicago Lodge # 826. That same day, a charter was issued to the Most Worthy Faith Grand Chapter, Order of Eastern Star, Adoptive Rite, which in turn issued charters to their subordinate  chapters. 

Most Worshipful United Grand Lodge experienced new growth, and increased enthusiasm as Willie D. Reeves Lodge #3  joined our Masonic Family on 20 June 2008.

Our first Grand Session commenced on June 20th, 2008 and the Grand Lodge was opened, in session. The following day we proceeded with our elections whereby Brother Larry Spears was elected and installed as the first Grand Master. Soon thereafter, the Grand Chapter elected Sister Cindie Hollman as their first Grand Matron.

Since our inception, we have taken great care to maintain our mission of creating A Grand Masonic Lodge that exists for its members, not vice versa.

We believe we are obligated to relieve the distress and suffering of the less fortunate.. All lodges and chapters have ongoing charitable activities throughout  the Chicago land area.

We believe that the Grand Lodge should serve to give direction to the Lodges and not act as an oppressor.

We believe that the Lodges should be allowed to govern themselves without interference, barring any deviation from the Landmarks of Masonry, the laws of the United States of America , the State of Illinois and/or our Grand Constitution.

We believe that the dues and assessments paid to the Grand Lodge should be minimal, allowing the Lodges to conduct their business without financial hardships.

At present, there exists eight Warranted Lodges, Yahkin Lodge #381, St. James Lodge #355, Chicago Lodge #826, Gabriel Lodge #101, Hazaq Lodge #360, Trinity Lodge #1033, Hosea Lodge #689 and, in honor of our Illustrious deceased Brother, Willie D. Reeves III Lodge #3.



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