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Sovereign Illustrious Lance  L. Jefferson
Most Worshipful Grand Master




 In ancient times, the ministers of religion were also the ministers of science and learning. There did not exist a separation between education and GOD. It was through the Deity that all was revealed.

And so it was with the construction of Ancient Masonic edifices. When I mention “ancient”, I allude to the structures that have existed for thousands of years in Africa and Asia, not the more recent buildings of Europe. There existed Divine inspiration and guidance among the Master Builders in those ancient times. There existed a Divine harmony among the workmen. Man has attempted to recreate these feats with, and through their own understanding and, have been found lacking.

Hence the need to invoke the name of the G.A.O.T.U. in all of our undertakings. When in the Lodge, no particular “religious” or “name of faith” should be used. This prevents debate and shows respect for the beliefs of a Brother (who may or may not share your views) regarding a sensitive subject. Suffice it to say that HE is present and we seek HIS blessings. 

So, let the true debate be about the great object of Masonry. Let the true debate be about our purpose and our obligations, to GOD, mankind and ourselves. And, it is these things that must be done as Brothers; “for there is no lonely pilgrims on the path to LIGHT, man only gains the highest heights by helping other men gain the highest heights”.

And, although we believe in the collaboration of ideas and the freedom of thought and expression, it must be orderly and disciplined. So, some will lead and others must follow because, there is no block of wood that points the way.

They were instructed to “salute one another in courteous manner, calling each other Brother; freely giving mutual instruction, as might be thought expedient, without being overseen or overheard, and without encroaching upon each other, or derogating from that respect which was due to any Brother, were he not a Mason; for although all Masons are, as Brethren, upon the same level; yet Masonry takes no honor from a man that he had before; nay it rather adds to his honor, especially if he deserved well of the Brotherhood----Ancient Charges




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